311 Tournament Rules


    • All players will abide by El Paso County Law.
    • All players will respect The Neighborhood Lounge’s rules.
    • All players will respect Novilyn employees (dealers, ect..) at all times.
    • There will be no disrespect to anyone at any time.
    • There will be no use any electronic devices while at the poker table.
    • There will be no use of anything at the poker table unless provided and/or approved  by the dealer.
    • Players will be given one polite verbal warning as to any wrong being done with a 15 minute time-out, next, the player will leave the table.


    Game Play

      • There will be 8/10 people maximum at one table.
      • There will be 2 games played, Saturday(qualifier) and Sunday Tournament.
      • There will consolation games for both days.  
      • In order to win prizes Sunday, you play Saturday
      • Players will move to winners table as other players are dropped out of the game.
      • Players will start will 5000 chips, blinds start at 100/200 and will double every 15 minutes.
      • All initial bets and raises must be equal to, or more than big blind.
      • There will be a short break when blinds reach 500/1000; 5000/10000 ect.